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Plain Weave

Plain weave woven stainless steel wire mesh is used for the majority of wire cloth. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below every weft wire and vice versa. Warp and weft wires are normally of the same diameter.Used for the majority of commercial applications and for filtration where a high flow rate is required.

Twill Weave

Each weft wire passes alternately above and below every successive pair of warp wires and vice versa.

This weave of stainless steel wire cloth permits a heavier wire diameter to be used than would be possible in a plain weave with similar mesh count.

Dutch Weave

Dutch Weave is a description applied to woven stainless steel wire cloth where the diameter of the warp and weft wires, and the mesh count in the warp and weft directions, are different. The wires are driven up much closer during the weaving process, thus producing a more densely compacted media.


Packing :packed with pallet and or in rolls or as your requirement.

Delivery time:15 working days after receiving the deposit.It depends on the quantity ordered.

Min. Order:1 ton Order a HQ container, price will be more favorable.

Application: Heat treatment, Aggregate, Slag, granite,Stone , mine and so on.